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Photography / Post - 10 months ago

Making Sense of Lens Optics for Crop Sensor Cameras

If you have been considering getting a new camera or have been considering upgrading a camera, you have probably heard all about crop sensor cameras but what does it mean? How does crop factor affect lens selections? When you are considering systems,...

Photography / Post - 10 months ago

How to Use Ordinary Items to Make DIY Photo Filters

In photography, you can use filters in many ways to alter and/or enhance your images. But what if you don’t have any filters, or can’t afford the high prices to the top of the line ones? Time to rummage around the house for some things to make DIY p...

Photography / Post - 1 year ago

Photography In Winter

With the winter solstice now behind us we can celebrate more light moving forward each day…Yay! This means you’ll have more time to take photos of beautiful things in the lovely soft winter light. What’s your favourite thing to photography in winter...